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Spread Shopper Needs and How to Recognize Them

Wednesday - 27/11/2019 10:05
Satisfying customer’s desires and needs is the ideal way to rise company’s income. The most common mistake of the brand is focusing on product strategy and forgetting about holding attention of the shoppers and their needs. But how to be certain that your product or service matches their desires?
Spread Shopper Needs and How to Recognize Them
To begin with, you should be familiar with the most spread customer needs. After that, you need to understand which specific needs your clients have at this moment through a survey or review data. This article covers the most common shopper needs and can be something for you to start with.
1. To pay less
For the absolute majority of the shoppers (60%) price is the number one factor in making a purchase. Almost 90% of the survey participants said that it is incredibly necessary to make a comparison of the prices from different brands.
It makes a big difference also when companies sell similar goods, therefore, price not quality can be the decisive factor. It does not mean that you have to reduce the prices and make them the lowest on the market. But the discounts for customers who pay great attention to the cost can help you to run the business. You can offer a discount for the orders online or just choose specific products with a reduced price in the offline store.
2. Trustworthiness and solidity
To buy something, a customer need to have a guarantee that the product will last and function properly for a long period of time. Sustainability is another factor to influence customer’s decisions.
3. Less risky
Product return and exchange policy should be also paid attention to. People need to be sure that even if they get disappointed after the purchase or change their mind they will have an opportunity to easily return or exchange the product. Try mentioning the policy right away and put it on your website so the customer knows that he/she is not at risk.
4. Useful and comfortable
People need useful and comfortable products. Therefore, you have to monitor how and for what your clients use them and adapt to their choices.
5. Clarity
Companies should be clear and transparent about their fees and payment a customer makes. It also refers to the product composition and its real size and measurements. If you are caught with fooling the client, your customers will not forgive you.
To support transparent policy, created transfarency campaign where they concentrated on the hidden fees and costs which other airlines did not inform the customer till the last minute. This campaign created a big discussion online and gave the company new trusting customers.
Transparency can be also realized through the client’s content: reviews, ratings, Q&As, providing an independent opinion of the customers.
6. Have power
Customer always wants to have some power and control over the product. It can be seen in various things: terms and conditions of the subscription or shipping. Also customization of the product itself can be perceived as an opportunity for gaining power and control. Giving a client a chance to participate in product production is one of the ways to meet their necessities.
7. Amiability and sympathy
Another need that today’s customers have is a need of brand’s care. Statistics show that more than a half of the respondents after dealing with bad customer service will never make a purchase in that company again. To satisfy your customer you should have an excellent service.
8. Guidence
Customers need guidance to be sure about the things they buy and the fact that they really need them. Informed purchase will make a client happy and will give you a new income source. Initially, be certain that you are available for client’s questions and are ready to help.
You can easily put a live consultation to your website to answer the questions of the shoppers. After that you can start making new content full of knowledge which can be applied by the customer: try blogging or creating videos. All of that can be a nice way to build a strong relationship with a customer.

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